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Robinson Willey--Stylish Solutions to Wall Fires

Fire Churn RP
Black Knight 2
Salisbury 2 RS

Robinson Willey gas fires are our best solution when you have an old, shallow coke or coal fireplace which you would like to bring back to life with live fire. These models come with either B-vent or direct vent systems--no need to use an old, and possibly unsafe chimney.

As you can see, Robinson Willey wall fires and furnaces (their term--these are not a true furnace) have a distinctly contemporary look. For applications where you prefer the traditional, basket gas fires (see below) may be more appropriate and create the illusion of an old time coal fire.

Robinson Willey Gas Fire Baskets

Quit hiding that fine old mantel with the boarded up fireplace. Call or email Aaron's Alternative Energy for an appointment.